• Obesity-associated diabetes

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Obesity-associated diabetes

New candidate gene for diagnostic and therapeutic development to combat obesity-associated diabetes


Zfp69 encodes a transcription factor in mice which appears to interfere with lipid storage in adipose tissue, and thereby enhances lipid deposition in liver. In humans with type 2 diabetes, mRNA levels of the human orthologue of Zfp69 (ZNF642) were increased in adipose tissue and ZNF642 was found to be particularly active in overweight people with diabetes. Thus, the transcription factor ZFP69/ZNF642 may be involved in the pathogenesis of obesity-associated diabetes and might be a particularly valuable target for developing diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to combat diabetes.

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In vitro experiments as well as studies of blood glucose, plasma and liver triglycerides, as well as adipose tissue in mice are described in the paper mentioned below. Currently the scientists are investigating additional tissues and are characterizing the signalling pathway of the Zfp69 transcription factor. Also development of a transgenic mouse model is under way.


European patent application (WO2009/063324)

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