• Peptide for improved pain management

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Peptide for improved pain management

A claudin-1 derived peptide as a transient opener of the paracellular barrier


During the postoperative recovery period adequate pain management - blocking nociception but allowing mobilisation - would be of advantage. Opioids do not affect sensory or motor neurons but are limited to systemic therapy because they cannot cross the paracellular barrier around peripheral nerve fibres when applied locally.
A claudin-1 derived peptide has been developed, which transiently opens the paracellular barrier allowing otherwise not permeable substances to reach peripheral nerve fibres by the paracellular route.



An early preclinical data set comprising data related to immunocytochemistry, pharmacokinetics, neural toxicity, MOA and ADME is available. Shorter leads and modifications with adequate efficacy in vitro are under development.


Improved pain management


A priority claiming EP application has been filed in August 2011.



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