• Single and Multiple Light Scattering Codes

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Single and Multiple Light Scattering Codes

Single Scattering at Non-Spherical Particles and Multiple Scattering in 3d Inhomogeneous Media


Prof. Andreas Macke


Various light scattering codes based in the Geometric Optics Method providing the far-field scattering phase matrix. Arbitrary polyhedral particle shapes, ellipsoids, circular cylinder, Chebychef-particles, internal inhomogeneities as well as surface randomization can be accounted for.
Various radiative transfer codes based on the Monte-Carlo multiple scattering method for solar and thermal radiative transfer problems.


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Optical phenomena; Remote Sensing of the Ocean/Atmosphere system from ground- and satellite based radiometer systems; Particle detection and sizing; Radiative budget at the surface and at the top-of-atmosphere; Energy balance of the climate system; Availability of solar energy under cloudy sky conditions



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